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If you’re gonna make a Mass Effect movie - JUST USE THE VOICE CAST. These are all attractive people. A little wardrobe and makeup and we’re set.

Fuck yeah! Ain’t no one doing the voice for my turian stud muffin but Keener OKAY!? 

If you ever lose Jowan, you can always find him flailing about in the gap between his intentions and their consequences

—some nameless mage in Dragon Age (via fyrus)

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Thin Privilege Is


Not being pursued exclusively by those who admit to having a “curvy/bigger girl” fetish and when you start to lose weight (due to adopting a healthier lifestyle) not being admonished to “not lose too much weight” or risk losing the lustful adoration of friends and strangers. I am not grateful or pleased to hear about how attractive I am to you. You are not my gf, so I don’t really care how you feel about my curves.

Not found attractive by another person? Fat-shaming shitlord.

Found attractive by another person? STOP FETISHSIZING ME SHITLORD!

I don’t…I have no idea what’s going on.

Anonymous asked: Nope. If you find spontaneous kisses romantic, by all means it's something you enjoy and it's not hurting you (and hopefully no one else) so go ahead! But keep in mind that's how most men also believe how they should kiss a woman for the first time and it is the "standard" within society on romance but some girls do in fact like being asked first, in case they do not want to kiss the person in question. You are not the minority, girls wanting to be asked are. But that doesn't make you a freak.

You. I like you.

Side note: Even the guys I don’t want to kiss, if they kiss me lead to some wonderfully hilarious stories to tell down the line, but I can see how quite a few women would like to be asked first, it was just the angriness of the post that led to mine. Like I’ve never ranted on the internet /s.


This is Thin Privilege: Why do you think people are so hellbent on denying thin privilege?


I don’t get it. Why are people so hellbent on denying that thin privilege even exists? People just don’t understand how awesome it is to be thin. I benefitted from thin privilege as a small child (up until I was about 8) and you know what? I feel really sorry for all the kids that DON’T later…

Thanks, TiTP, for publishing my utterly ridiculous and not-believable-at-all submission without a single question! You made my day! :D

Yours truly,

-a well known weight loss blogger.

I knew this couldn’t be real! You are my new internet hero!

Thin privilege is being allowed to recover from your eating disorder


[tw: eating disorders]

Today my mother told me, in front of the entire family, that I was not allowed to eat any ice cream after dinner because I had already eaten some earlier in the day. I am a recovering anorexic, and frankly she should have been overjoyed that I was willing to eat when usually I have a panic attack if I am going to consume over 600 calories.

Of course, no one in my family believes that I am anorexic because of my size. Meanwhile, my thin sister, who is also anorexic, was given an official diagnosis, sympathy, therapy, and was nearly hospitalized.

Thin privilege is having your family believe that you have an eating disorder, and not shame you when you begin to show signs of eating normally. Thin privilege is having the exact same eating disorder as your fat sister, and being treated for that disorder.

I don’t blame her family for not believing her, I don’t either. I’d be interested to know who was diagnosed first, if the submitter has even been diagnosed by anyone but herself, because I have an inkling that the sister was.

I know anorexia, I have dealt with it in others, and recovering anorexics generally aren’t prolific ice cream consumers. It’s hard enough just trying to get them to eat a well-balanced diet with a sufficiently high calorie amount, much less the caloric beast of frozen high-fat dairy. Personally, I think the submitter’s claim of anorexia is a cry for attention, while conveniently excusing poor eating habits in the hopes of “getting better”. If truly recovering from anorexia, then she shouldn’t be gorging herself on ice cream, the same goes for EVERYONE, she should be consuming an adequate number of highly nutritious foods, with ice cream and other desserts as the treats they are supposed to be on occasion.

I don’t think this is thin privilege or fat shaming, I think this is a case of two unhealthy sisters and a stressed out mom. What mom wouldn’t be stressed out and at the end of her rope with a dangerously underweight daughter and another who is demanding more attention as a result of the former?